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South Florida Snowbirds face unique landscape challenges...
...when the soil is mostly sand, the plants are all different and you're only here part of the year to care for them!

Even if you're an avid gardener up North, there can be a huge learning curve in keeping your landscaping healthy and beautiful in South Florida.

My name is Chase Landre, and as a sales and design consultant for a Florida plant nursery and garden center, I've personally advised winter residents for years on topics like, HOW TO GROW CITRUS, WHAT ARE THE EASIEST PLANTS TO GROW, and much more!

So I wrote a book, Snowbird Gardening, to answer all your questions! My new Updated Edition is now here! - with even more plants and info just for Snowbirds! See below for more info.

NEW! Snowbird Gardening is now available as an ebook! Click here for more info.

On this website I've included bits of good information from the book, plus answers to some common questions: FAQs

The book is also helpful to Florida newcomers and non-natives too! Feel free to browse the Snowbird Gardening website to learn more. AND...

...visit my new website,

I'll be growing my new site just as you'll be growing some beautiful Florida tropical plants, so be sure to let me know what you think!

Not sure if you're actually in South Florida? You are if you live anywhere south of Tampa to Melbourne for part of the year. (Click here for more info: Am I in South Florida?)

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South Florida's easiest to grow PALMS, TREES AND FLOWERS -
 193 full-color photos and complete care guide!

  • How to grow your favorite citrus
  • How to maintain a healthy lawn
  • How to make your Florida landscaping low maintenance AND beautiful year-round
  • Answers to questions you're afraid to ask
  • Common mistakes
  • Myths and truths
  • 10 Keys to success
  • Real answers to the unique challenges of gardening for South Florida Snowbirds

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