Snowbird Gardening
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About the Book

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193 Color Photographs!

146 Plant Varieties!

Snowbird Gardening provides practical answers to the unique challenges of gardening for South Florida's Winter Residents.

A breezy, enjoyable read, full of facts you'll refer to again and again, Snowbird Gardening will become your gardening companion handbook for life!

Also by Chase Landre
eBooks for South Florida homeowners!
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Learn about
South Florida's easiest-to-grow palms, trees and flowers - full color photos and complete care guide for 146 plant varieties.
Learn how to grow citrus, maintain a healthy lawn, plant using soil amendments, deal effectively with pests, and the ins and outs of irrigation and fertilization.
Get answers on when and how much to trim, what plants to avoid, common myths, and the 10 Keys to Success.
Discover ways to keep your Florida landscaping low maintenance and beautiful year-round --- with only part-time care!

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